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Course Syllabus

EIFS Course Syllabus

The course consists of 17 modules. Each module teaches specific EIFS-related topics.

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Course Goal

To institute a program that will establish credible standards for the certification of EIFS industry consultants and professionals as third party inspectors for government agencies, manufacturers, existing inspection services, and code agencies, as well as quality assurance programs for applicators, general contractors and building owners. By setting rigorous academic and ethical benchmarks, the Institute issues credentials which establish the professionals it certifies, as the standard for all EIFS and building exteriors applicators and inspectors. Each of you is encouraged to become active in EDI special task groups, studies, research programs we seek to undertake, and the Board of Governors.

Course Description

The course consists of 15 modules with accompanying exams. Each module teaches specific EIFS-related topics such as the ones to the right using various forms of multimedia including PowerPoint presentations, QuickTime audio and video, Shockwave content and more. It will take you approximately 40 hours to complete the entire course. After you complete all 15 modules, you will take your Final Exam which is 150 multiple choice questions covering material from each module. The final exam is taken on line, timed at 90 minutes and you must score 90 or better to graduate.

What to Expect

The information presented during this training course is intended to impart the standards for correctly applying exterior coatings. These processes cannot be fully explained without showing what can result when unacceptable procedures and materials are used or misused. It is not the intent of this course to promote the inspection and review of every completed application of exterior coatings to attribute blame and sponsor litigation.

The objective of this program is, and shall remain, the certification of students in the proper processes for installing exterior coatings, which, when used with correct materials, will produce superior results.

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